Industrial Conversational AI

"Converting the Knowledge in Documents into Expert Chatbots"

What Type of Documents?

Enterprise Documents Containing System-of-Record and Source-of-Truth Information

Chatbots to Aid

People at Workflows in Operations, Planning, Safety, Maintenance, Inspections, Repairs, Training, Emergency, Crisis, Compliance, etc.,

Chatbots to Automate

Manual labor in Operations, Maintenance, Inspections, Repairs, Compliance, etc.,

How do Chatbots built with 1A1 differ?

Integrity of Content, Accountability and Accuracy in the Answers They Return

What 1A1 is Not?

Consultancy Service, Search or Summarization Tool, Generative AI, Large Language Model, Open Source, Developer Platform

Our Innovation

Introducing Ontological Knowledge Model™ (OKM), Human Dialogue Theory™ (HDT), and Linguistic Neural Network (LNN)


1A1 Chatbots Consume Seven Orders of Magnitude Less Electricity for Answers than that of ChatGPT

Current Version, 4Q23 – 1Q24.

You can test 1A1 Early-v1 version now with your documents

Made In the USA

1A1 envisioned, designed and coded in America, 1A1 Inc., is based in Manhattan, New York


Dr. Riza C. Berkan , Babur Ozden and Oguz Akgungor

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